Thursday, May 29, 2008

Already Slacking?

And here it goes with the slacking, already! We went out and bought Mario Kart + extra wii wheel the other night. We'd borrowed it from Becky's sister, and so Becky was playing basically all weekend and then a lot this week. It really does a good job of capturing the feel of playing the more classic Mario Kart games, which Double Dash didn't really do for me. Don't get me wrong, I loved DD and it was crazy-fun, but the battle mode was crap compared to previous versions and that killed a lot of it for me. Admittedly, now that I've said that, I haven't even played the battle mode in MK wii yet, but we'll get to that. I suppose the simplest explanation is that they've included courses from all the previous games, which is something that I love and easily invokes nostalgia in an instant.

Drawing: going slow, if at all
Working out: have been riding my bike around quite a bit, but no lifting weights or running

Still excessively excited about running D&D starting in late June / early July.

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Jared said...

So I quit wow finally...hopefully.

I let it cut into schoolwork this past semester and then for some reason, lost my taste for it when school was done!?

You used to draw a lot right?
What made you draw?
How did you get in the right mode?
What did you like to draw/ where'd you get your ideas from?
Did you need a certain environment to get anything done?
what's changed to pull you away and what can you change to bring yourself back?

I have to say this is a constant struggle I go through myself. Exercise, programming, music, drawing too since my class this semester.

Thinking about buying a drum set, figure we have a good chance of not pissing off neighbors so may as well make use of the advantage.

Must hang out again.