Saturday, May 17, 2008

Home: The Improvening

Spent most of the day, from about noon until 8pm, installing new front windows in our house. We had to tear out the old ones, which actually ended up taking almost all of the time because they had flanges on all 4 sides nailed in, which meant we had to remove almost all of the wood from around them before even getting to the tearing them out part.

We special ordered "replacement" windows, the tearing out of the wood portions meant we really could have just bought regular old "new construction" windows and they'd be better, but hey they're in and almost completely sealed up and everything.

We upgraded from early 90's single pane windows, which could NOT be opened because they had been sitting for years without being opened. I eventually did crowbar them open, once I was sure we were trashing them in the process of removal. It's bad when a window must be broken (the frame) to be operable. Ironic, but bad.

PS - I now own a crowbar, so if you become a're pretty much F'ed

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