Sunday, May 25, 2008

Balticon 42

Went to Balticon yesterday from about 11:30 until 8pm. I've gone every year since early highschool but for the last couple of years I've only gone for a day or two and never stayed overnight, which admittedly loses some of the fun and feel of the whole con experience. It was incredibly fun though, because I got to run Keep on the Shadowfell for Dave, Richie, Ethan, and Scott - and we actually broke the second encounter mark! Finally! I've run those first two encounters three times now...and I've just started adding/changing things to make it more interesting for myself and the one or two players who've played them before. Dave played with the Tiefling Warlord character this time around and I'm very happy with how he works, though the Cleric's healing is definitely the best (as it should be) I'm still skeptical if a party can really manage just as well sans Cleric.

Balticon has gotten worse in the last few years, perhaps only in relation to what we like to do there, but I'd also say just in general worse. My desire to have a quality gaming convention that doesn't require driving to ohio (ie - east coast) is almost inspiring. Almost.

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