Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Home Owner's Association

Went to the annual / monthly meeting of our HOA last night, only Becky, myself, and one other resident attended (oh some guy showed up at the very end because of a complaint or two he had). As of next month (or really right now) I am the architectural review board member for my development. It's very much non-glamorous stuff, approving porch additions and re-painting and all that jazz, but it's something to be involved and hopefully help the community look better and work better as a nice place to live.

Oddly, it sounds like some of the other streets in our development are kind of crappy and have a lot of problems, whereas our street has been awesome so far and any nice day there are 5-15 kids outside playing around. I love it! Becky, on the other hand...

(she likes the kids, just not the noise they make most of the time)


Amethyst said...

I have to say I'm with Becky on this one. 5-15 kids being noisy on your street? Every day? I'd go nuts.

Danny said...

It's the 50+ year olds that I work with who drive me crazy, oddly enough there are way too many similarities.