Friday, May 23, 2008

Good news, everyone!

Wii : obtained

Only games are Wii Sports and Wii Play (the controller deal is for suckers, which we are). Mariokart is inevitable within the next few days, and hopefully Wii Fit at soonest availability. We found the Wii at Toys'R'Us, only the second place we went to looking for one. It's a shame because I lost a (stupid) bet with Becky that we'd be able to find a Wii Fit before finding the system itself.

As a couple, we used to bet money but it was ridiculous because we share all of it anyway. These days we don't even worry about what the bet includes, the simple act of winning it is enough for either of us.


Rebecca said...

I hope by "stupid" you mean "awesome".

And yes, we sure are suckers!!!

Danny said...

Stupid meaning I was dumb to bet that a place would have any Wii Fits, but I was assuming no one would have any Wiis either. Thankfully that was not true!

Heather said...

I decided I wanted to buy Wii Fit but of course I have yet to find one. If not for my habit of breaking habits, I would work on the procrastination and impulsivity.