Monday, September 19, 2011

Reading Update - Sept. 2011

I started and finished my first Stephen King book ever, The Gunslinger, in a couple of days after I finished catching up on Wheel of Time. Now I'm tearing through Clash of Kings, the 2nd book in the Song of Ice and Fire series (I usually just call it Game of Thrones though because that's more recognizable) and am currently just over 50% through the book.

I have the 3rd book in Ice and Fire (Storm of Swords) waiting to read that I borrowed from Scott as well as the next two Dark Tower books that I've borrowed from Josh. After all of these I'm sure some other books will creep up that I need to read as well. Becky has suggested that I read some classics like Catcher in the Rye (after we watched and read about Field of Dreams over the weekend) and that sounds like something I'd like to do so that will probably show up on my list soon.

We've officially started cleaning out the baby's future room, which is turning into a big pain in the ass but it's good because it's forcing me to organize our space better and move things around the house to where they really should be finally. The basement is going to need to be overhauled quite a bit, but that's okay it's just time and effort that needs to be spent sooner than later.