Friday, June 06, 2008

Owning the Nine Hells

Seems that we bought a house with a 4-5 year old Heat Pump (exterior unit that both heats and cools) that had a grand sum total of ZERO freon running through it. This is great, because it means when we've been running the unit through March for heating, thankfully April and most of May were cooler than usual, but now for half of May and June, for no reason! Not too bad really, just frustrating, except now the temperatures are up in the 90's and it sounds like this weekend could go above 100 (barely). Thankfully Becky's parents just bought a new window AC unit and lent us their old one, so we can stop sleeping in the basement and move back up to our bedroom. The basement is 90% underground with no stairs and very few windows, so it's a comfortable 70 degrees in there pretty much all the time! That's why we put the gaming down there, or at least that's my retro-reasoning for it.

4th Edition D&D is officially released today, can't wait to have the actual books in my hands!

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