Friday, April 29, 2011

April Update

It's been just shy of a month since my last post, and at that time I was just starting A Game of Thrones and only 6% through it, now I'm 74% through the book and progress is picking up quickly (as it usually does) towards the climax of the book. I am really thoroughly enjoying GRRM's style of writing in contrast to many of the things I've been reading a lot of lately (specifically Wheel of Time), and though at first I didn't plan on reading the later Song of Ice and Fire books they are definitely on my list now. However, after this book I will be going back to Wheel of Time so I can continue to tear through that series before the end of the year.

I have been going to the Bushikai dojo and training in Nihon Jujutsu almost every Tuesday and Thursday since mid-January. I am loving it 100% and though I get quite sore from being thrown around and beat up, the exercise, energy, confidence, and extremely interesting things that I'm learning are all so positive that I can't believe I had been putting off joining the dojo for so long. I really can't thank Becky enough for getting me started there as a Christmas present, without that who knows how long I would have waited. So far I've lost between 5-10 pounds and I know that I've put on a lot of muscle (which means I have some muscles, rather than none) so I'm very happy with how it is changing me physically. The dojo also has regular Kenjutsu (sword) classes but I'm trying to keep my attendance limited at the moment because if I start going more I find that my free time becomes a LOT more limited.

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