Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Game of Thrones

On March 26th I finished Wheel of Time book 9, Winter's Heart, and quickly moved on to the copy of A Game of Thrones that I borrowed from Andrew. Right now, 4 days later, I am 6% through the book but I haven't been reading all that much yet so progress should pick up in the next week or two. By April 17 I hope I will be decently through the book, if not very close to finishing it, so that we can watch the HBO series and I'll be ahead of the game.

After A Game of Thrones I'll most likely be doing a marathon of the next few Wheel of Time books to get through all of the books that have been released before the final book comes out in early 2012. At the moment my average for WoT books is 1 per month, so that should be easily achievable.

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Eric said...

Lol, I'm doing the same thing, except I finished Song of Ice and Fire and am working my way through WoT now, into book 5 currently. Ice and Fire is far better, imo. Just ordered HBO yesterday in anticipation of Monday, can't wait!