Thursday, July 31, 2008

Such a Twit

Every now and then I contemplate using Twitter. Whenever I look at the site, see people (especially celebrity's) updates and realize that it unveils some insane magnifying glass into another person's life I get positively fascinated.

Part of me always stops before I sign up though, because I really can't justify it in any way whatsoever. At this point I think I'd much rather just use this blog to let people know what I'm doing. Any thoughts?


Jared said...

Yeah, I already sift through about 300 "important" news stories every day from various rss feeds, without signing up for twitter. I usually end up reading about four of them.

information overload from things like email, rss, and especially twitter actually wears you out. You may not notice it if you don't spend hours a day checking email and the internet, but the first casualty of information overload is creativity.

My first hint that this stuff could be bad

Amethyst said...

I've never signed up for it either, and I don't want to. There's another thing like it now called Plurk that I've been hearing about.

I've got my lj, my knitting/crochet blog, Facebook and Ravelry, I'm set.