Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Late July, already?

The first time I heard the Flobots song, 'Handlebars' or whatever it's actually called, I thought it was very interesting and good. Now that it is on the radio at least 2-3 times a day, and I hear it on various stations, it is possibly one of the most annoying songs of the last few years. It's 10x worse than Linkin' Parks original CD became after months of overplaying on the radio, and in much less time too! Hands down, I no longer think it is a very good song because it cannot stand the test of repetition, it can't even stand the test of casual listening...

Not a whole hell of a lot going on these days, relaxing when I'm not at work, working when I am at work. Hopefully I'll be playing some more golf in the late summer, as I've only played once so far this year and been the driving range only a handful of times.

I've been telling myself that I'll start posting sketches here again...will I?


Dave The Game said...

It's probably because we listen to different stations (and I have Sirius in the car), but I haven't felt that Handlebars has been overplayed. The lyrics are still 100x more interesting than the Linkin Park stuff. Both "In the end" (or whatever it's actually called) and Papa Roach's "Last Resort" make it into Dave's overplayed hall of fame.

The song that needs to go into the Book of Grudges, though, is the first single by The Streets. Overplayed (even on the indie stations I listen to), a song that I really hated from listen 1 and couldn't understand why people liked it, AND it's very British.

Bartoneus said...

dc101 is playing it quite a bit, but I think my main argument is that the song has become quite annoying just with a little bit of play. It may not necessarily be overplayed to the point that other songs have been, but it's just as bad already in my opinion.

The lyrics are interesting, because they're strange, but along with the annoying sound of the song the lyrics are just starting to sound dumb to me also.

Dave The Game said...

I think, on some level, they're supposed to sound dumb. But like all music, it's mostly a matter of taste.

By the way, you shouldn't start posting sketches here. You should start posting final inked and colored products. Maybe using comic ideas you happen to have lying around.

Bartoneus said...

Just for the record, I heard 'handlebars' twice today on dc101, and now once on XM radio. Still annoying!

"me and my friend saw a platypus, me and my friend made a comicbook, guess how long it took, I can do anything that I want cuz, look"

Quirky, funny at first, but in practice TERRIBLE.

Josh said...

It's a protest song. Watch the video on mute on youtube. It will make a good deal more sense.

I like the song but anything that gets overplayed (be it by myself or the radio) I stop listening to. I downloaded their CD and was entirely underwhelmed.

Bartoneus said...

Watch a music video on mute? No thank you! :P