Friday, July 25, 2008

Just Ridiculous

This is just ridiculous, a co-worker sent me this article today that talks about some new technology. What is this new technology? CO2 scrubbers.
Scientists at Columbia University are developing a carbon dioxide (CO2) scrubber device that removes one ton of CO2 from the air every day, says the Heartland Institute.

Wow! Sounds great doesn't it? Right now you might be expecting me to say something about how it's really a bad technology for some reason, or that it's a bad idea because of some other unseen facts. Nope! But some people are saying these things...
While some see the scrubber as an efficient and economical way to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide, many environmentalists oppose the technology because it allows people to use fossil fuels and emit carbon in the first place.

Environmental activist groups such as Greenpeace have consistently opposed similar technologies, such as carbon capture and sequestration, because they do not address what they see as the root of the problem, says the Heartland Institute.

That's what is ridiculous. Some people are actually trying to get us a few steps closer to the world of Demolition Man (sweet reference, I know!). This is why I've been growing more and more skeptical and pessimistic about the entire "green" movement and how it's gotten into every aspect of how we live. Most of the people who are really into it, really behind it, might as well have joined a cult and cut their own brains out with the way they act.

SURE creating CO2 scrubbers will encourage some people to keep using fossil fuels, or at least it gives them a reasonable excuse. However, if you're opposed to something like this that essentially does what you've been preaching for years except on a realistically feasible then you're the biggest hypocrite in the world. Everyone's going 'Green' these days, for all the wrong reasons.

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Amethyst said...

I know what you mean. I do feel for these people in a sense, because I know they're thinking that they need a solution that doesn't allow people to continue in the same behaviour of wasting gas/oil and massive pollution. But it seems like they're so obsessed with it that they don't even notice what they're saying. Changing the way a city behaves is a huge task, let alone a state, a country, North America, etc. These CO2 scrubbers sound like it could be a good thing (unless there's some sort of unreleased side effect that outweighs the good).

There are people like this in every group, though. It's like the hard-core PETA people are for us vegans. I don't like PETA. I don't think a lot of the things they do are good. But we have the association, whether we like it or not.

Bartoneus said...

"(unless there's some sort of unreleased side effect that outweighs the good)"

There are so many unrecognized side effects of tons of the green and energy efficient efforts these days that people just ignore, that I think it'd just be hypocritical to consider those side effects in this case. I'm sure that will be a huge argument by these organizations though, picking on whatever they can.