Thursday, April 02, 2009

Phrases that Make Me Want to Kill Babies

The radio is perhaps the main offender when it comes to these, but no form of media is truly innocent of these crimes:

"Now more than ever..." - $%$!#%balls$&$#! Any ad you hear on the radio has essentially been saying this to you for your whole life, but now it has added meaning because people are taking it seriously and thinking that it's true. No, not true, I'm sure there's some point in the past or future where you have/will need a sweet deal on MORE than you do right now.

"Unprecedented economic times." - BS. It's a "recession", there are tons of precedents for it. Granted this one may be more global than the last couple have been, but any previous recession still counts as a precedent for this one. It's not like we are completely clueless as to why the stock market and housing markets are down, WE KNOW.

"Change. (the believable kind)" - A great presidential slogan dragged into the desert, blindfolded, eviscerated, and abused for all kinds of foul purposes. I don't think Obama or his speech writers at any point considered getting a hamburger for $.99 instead of $3 was the change they were attempting to get. Then again we can't know for sure, because said change was never specified.

On a side note, I -do- condone puns made with the slogan in relation to monetary change. Then again I condone pretty much all puns.

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Dave The Game said...

I agree with all those, but my pet peeve is misuse of "literally" like when a serious news organization says something like "he literally exploded with rage!" And then I'm disappointed that we didn't have a documented case of spontaneous human combustion.