Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Finally Over

Already I'm noticing the lack of political vitriol that has been eating away at my cognizance for the last YEAR. A year, probably much more than a year really, and I already feel better. I didn't even really care that much which candidate won, so long as it was OVER. However, I do have to say that McCain's conceding speech and particularly Obama's acceptance speech really helped me feel better about the whole process.

Google, always impressing me at pretty much every turn (even with Google Ads lately), has election coverage added into their maps feature, I highly recommend it as you can look at the entire US split by votes, or at each individual state split by COUNTY. Very interesting to look at:

Why is it that cities are ALWAYS dominated by democrat votes? If you did voting by square miles of land owned, then it looks like Republicans would win 100% of the time. Is there something about the density of population, the proximity to other people? Does it boil down to the simple factors, like acceptance of varied cultures and how that relates to the democratic party core values? I'm not quite willing to accept that as the only influence, but it's the only big one I can think of right now...

Anyway, it's over, I'm happy with the result even though I may have been MORE happy if McCain had won simply because I believe that would have lead to lower taxes, and I feel lower taxes lead to a boon in the economy which is what I think most people would like the most right now. Somehow Obama's campaign values became associated with low gas prices, global warming, separation of church & state, pro-abortion legislation, and a better economy. I'm pretty sure most of those will not be directly affected by his decisions / presidency.

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