Friday, August 22, 2008

One Week Later

Well Dave and I got back from GenCon in Indianapolis very late Sunday, so late that I ended up staying home from work on Monday to rest and because I was just completely spent from four days away from home and around so many other people.

GenCon was simply amazing, a really great experience and not just because I got to meet online friends like Phil, Yax, and the Stupid Ranger crew (all fellow RPG bloggers), but because of all the D&D I got to play, other games I got to check out, and just the general atmosphere of nerdiness that was pervasive throughout.

You can check out all of the coverage Dave and I did over at Critical Hits. We got to talk to a lot of Wizards of the Coast employees, as well as a few other publishers about tabletop / card games. It's all there, or will be in the next week or so.

I'm running adventure 4 of my ongoing D&D game on Sunday, and as usual I'm quite excited for that. Way too many games need to be played before the end of the year!

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