Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Damnit, it happened again!

I looked at Twitter for about a minute and immediately thought, "hey I should join this!"

It's almost being used as a sort of instant messaging service now, which shouldn't really surprise anyone but I still think it was an unexpected result.

In actual news, work (like, the paying job) is picking up this week and happens to coincide with the week where I have my 3rd Adventure of my D&D campaign to run this Friday. I'm actually doing really well with working plus overtime, sleeping at least 6 hours a night (never too difficult for me), doing other activities, AND planning for the adventure. Talking to Phil regularly seems to put me on the lookout for when I'm being overly paranoid, perfectionist, or worrisome for stupid reasons. How long does it take before you become paranoid about being paranoid?

Crap, already there.

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