Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July - Painting!

I randomly got the inspiration to do a painting of Gir from Invader Zim, and I've been dying to get more Acrylic painting under my belt so I finally figured - why not?

Here's the rough sketch and background on the canvas that I did Monday evening, it took about an hour and half because I was going very slow and taking my time. First time I've done a real Acrylic painting in a long time!

Gir Painting - 7/25/11

Yesterday I took an hour or so to sit down and fill in the colors on Gir himself, I quickly realized the background would need touching up in several places so I took care of that also. I'm very happy with the color selection on it.

Gir Painting - 7/26/11

Here's my progress as of today with the outline done in Sharpie. As I did the outlines I realized a few things that need fixing for Gir himself: his right eye should be almost perfectly circular and not an oval, and his hands look too much like claws. Both of these things I plan on going back tonight or tomorrow with paint and sharpie and fixing up.

Gir Painting - 7/27/11

As for reading progress, I plowed through Wheel of Time book 11 - Knife of Dreams in only 21 days and I am currently just over 50% through book 12, A Gathering Storm. Getting so close to the end of the series that things are getting REALLY exciting, but reading progress has been slow the last week due to summer activities - can't complain too much about that.

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