Thursday, January 28, 2010

Artwork - Campaign Banner

I sat down yesterday afternoon to create a banner for my D&D campaign's website, this was the quick and dirty (B&W) version I whipped up just to lay things out:

Now that circle on the right I really wanted to appear like a black, oily liquid sphere, and the left is a horizon of stars, so I continued to work on a more finished version but in the end I think the black and white is still more evocative and interesting to look at. Here's the progress on the more detailed / color version:

I'm pretty happy with how the left side has turned out, though I may add some more haze in the blue areas, but I just don't think it has the same interest and feel to it as the B&W version.


Jared said...

tough call: The black and white is much more striking, and pleasing, but the B&W is also harder to read. The white-shadowed red text on B&W actually kinda hurts my eyes.

Bartoneus said...

Yea the text and color is the easiest thing to fix, I just did it up quickly so I will make it easier to read no matter what. Thanks!

Vanir said...

The second one gives me a Star Control II boner. *campers * would be wise to heed this advice.