Friday, December 19, 2008

Netflix FTW

We had put our Netflix account on hold for most of 2008, as we'd just stopped watching dvd's an had borrowed or were given a lot of movies that we hadn't caught up on yet. However, just a few weeks ago the X-Box Live interface was updated and we noticed it included a Netflix feature, which I was immediately skeptical of but it turns out it is almost exactly what it should be. You can now watch any movie or tv show that you can watch online via netflix through your x-box!

In the last few weeks, we've caught up on quite a lot of our viewing and are actually enjoying the dvd's from netflix again also! We've watched:

Ratatouille - 5 stars
Enchanted - 3 stars
The Devil's Advocate - 3 stars (Becky had never seen it, I had)
Mad Max - 3 stars (hadn't seen it all the way through before, classic but not great)
Finding Neverland - 4 stars
Love Actually - 5 stars
Juno - 4 stars

Next up is Wanted and the next chance we get via instant queue Rob Roy (we love Liam Neeson).

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